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November 22, 2009

Travel to Spain, the best places to visit

Travel to Spain is a must for the adventure seeker, the wine sipper, and the art connoisseur alike. Accommodations are widely available at Barcelona Hotels, Madrid Hotels and hostels.

From centuries-old festivals like the running of the bulls in Pamplona, to 24-hour sun and fun on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza; from the art and architecture of the Moors and Romans, to Picasso and Joan Miro, travelers can see it all when they visit Spain. For the intrepid adventure seeker, to the laid back vacationer, the tourism Spain offers is one of a kind.

According to official tourism Spain data, 45 million tourists visit Spain each year–which means that as many people visit Spain per year, as there are Spaniards. So while the restaurants and cafes may be rustic affairs tucked away on cobble-stone streets, travel to Spain and travel within Spain is easy and affordable. (more…)


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